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About us


We offer Interior design consulting and woodworking services from our shop in Columbus, Ohio. Our services include Single or Multi-space design, spatial planning, Interior styling, Accent wall design, furniture design, refurbishment, color scheme consulting and more. We aim to create functional, enjoyable, and pleasant spaces for homes, offices or any other space, even if you are not located in Columbus, Ohio. Our e-design services are a popular option for those seeking remote solutions.

For more information on what we have to offer, please check out the Design Services page. In addition to our design services, we also build custom furniture, accent walls, Wall art, Decor and sell them through our online store.

Preethi N | Founder of Preets Design Co LLC

FOUNDER & DESIGNER Preethi Pushpam Nallalaguraja

Preethi is an Architect, Interior Designer, Woodworker and Blogger. She received her Bachelors degree of Architecture (B.Arch) in 2009 and has been working in the construction industry as an Architect and Interior designer for over a decade, specializing in Residential, Hotel, Office and Commercial spaces. Throughout her career, Preethi has gained diverse experience through working with various design firms, as well as exploring and learning new skills on her own. One of her passions is woodworking, which she taught herself, and she now creates custom interior builds and furniture from her small workshop. Preethi enjoys using design to solve problems and finding new ways to improve lifestyles.

In 2013, she started her blog, THE NOMAD STUDIO to showcase her love for design and travel. The blog includes hundreds of articles on her travels and DIY projects, with her first project being converting a cargo trailer into a self-contained camper with just two basic tools. This experience marked the beginning of her hands-on journey with woodworking and interior builds. Preethi’s determination to start her own design company has finally come to fruition with PREETS DESIGN CO, LLC. Here she offers design services for clients and also builds handmade decor and gift products for customers.

She says,

A beautifully designed space has the power to uplift and bring peace to your daily life. My greatest joy is in assisting clients to create a home or space that not only looks stunning, but also fills them with pride and excitement to live there. I have a passion for both problem-solving through design and woodworking, which I believe enhances my abilities to create unique and standout projects. My instincts as a builder play a significant role in this, enabling me to bring fresh and innovative ideas to every project I take on.


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In addition to designing residential and commercial spaces, we also offer custom furniture design, digital build plans, as well as decorative products and personalized wooden gifts. These products can be purchased directly from our online store, where each item is personally crafted by Preethi in her workshop.

You can stay updated with her latest projects and ideas by following her blog, THE NOMAD STUDIO, There, you’ll find free tutorials and plans for the products she builds, as well as room transformations and home improvement DIY project ideas. 

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