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 Interior Design Consultation
Accent Wall design
Paint Consultation
Furniture Design & Refurbishment

Accent/Feature Wall Design

An accent wall, also known as a statement wall, is a feature that immediately catches the eye upon entering a room and adds a stunning touch to your home. It draws attention while still complementing the rest of the furniture and decor. A simple accent wall can completely change the atmosphere and will be a topic of conversation among guests.

Please Note: The build service is only available for those in the Columbus, OH area. Based on your location and convenience, there are two options available.

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(suitable for clients local to Columbus, Ohio)

The process of getting a custom accent wall is simple and easy. Just provide us with the wall dimensions and any inspiration images you have. Our team will then design the wall to fit your space and offer color options. Once the design is agreed upon, we will provide an accurate quote for the build and installation. Every accent wall is unique and its cost depends on the size, material, labor, and complexity of the project. After your approval, we will purchase the materials and complete the necessary cutting and preparation work in advance. The final step is the on-site installation, which will be scheduled at a time that works best for you.

WORK SCOPE:  Includes material procurement, transportation, off-site build, on-site prep & installation, Paint, Finish & clean up. (rate varies depending upon the size, material, labor and complexity of the build)


(suitable for non local clients)

Don’t let your location hold you back! If you’re not located in Columbus, OH, you can still receive design services with our DESIGN ONLY option. Simply send us your wall dimensions and any inspiration images you may have, and we’ll provide you with a design, 3D view, color options, and a detailed cut list to help you complete the project on your own.

WORK SCOPE: Custom Wall design concept – 3D view, Paint Color options & cut list.

Design Services
Design Services

Interior design Consultation

Be it a single room or your whole house, we provide complete interior design solutions along with budget sensitive or high-end furniture recommendations for your home with sensitivity to client preferences & style. Clients will receive cohesive furniture, rug, window treatments, upholstery and decor recommendations with product links based on the scale of the room, budget and style preferences.

This package starts from $350 per room and includes the following:

  • Video consultation or in-person meeting (if you’re local to Columbus, OH)
  • Spatial Layout Planning: 2D Room Floor Plan with Furniture Placement
  • Room design with Moodboard: Using material samples, inspiration photos, 3D concept showing the overall look & feel of the room with paint colors, furniture, decor, rug, lighting solutions, upholstery, window treatments, accessories etc. along with shopping links
  • We’ll also provide exact paint recommendations (based on your preferred brand)
  • Custom design including flooring, countertops, cabinet styles, colors and hardware selection (wherever applicable)
  • 3D rendered views with mock-up furniture and color schemes (for an extra fee)

Sample design board


Struggling with paint selection?

Deciding on a paint color or scheme can be daunting. Let’s have a discussion and select the ones that reflect your personal style!

Paint consult
Design Services

Furniture Refurbishment

Revamp Your Furniture – Are you fond of a piece of furniture but feel it lacks charm or color? Or would you like to update your furniture and give it a new purpose? We can assist you in customizing it to your desired style. Not only is furniture refurbishment cost-effective, but it also benefits the environment.

The services offered include repairing damages, improving hardware, and adding a lovely finish. The furniture can either be an existing item owned by the client that needs to be restored to match their interior style, or it can be purchased from a thrift store to fit their preferences and style. The cost varies depending on the size, material, and complexity of the project.

Get a Quote or Book a consult

We would love to hear about your upcoming project! Contact us to book a 1:1 consultation with the designer, so we can discuss your project in great detail together and get a quote. Initial consultations are free.